Proof of Photographs


There’s an expression in Korean, which roughly says: “What’s left are photographs.” It’s also what my wife says when she tries to take a selfie together.

Growing up, we never really took family photos, which looking back is only ironic when considering the fact that my father was also a photographer. He took many photos of flowers and places, but rarely pictures of his own family.

Some people in today’s society look strangely upon the many young people who are out taking 인증 사진 – “proof of photographs”, saying things such as “don’t see with your camera, look with your eyes.” They may even add something cheesy like, “remember with your hearts.”

The desire to document the evidence of various experiences had – that they’ve been somewhere, met someone, or saw something, may seem overzealous, but the truth is at the end of the day we’re all just documenting what’s important to us.