The Koreans


When I moved my life to the country from the city,
To the friends in the country, I was “a stingy fellow” who never shared anything,
To the friends in the city, I became “a hillbilly” who knew nothing in fashion.

When I switched my major to the humanities from the hard sciences,
To the classmates in the humanities, I was “a rocket scientist” who never read any deep books,
To the classmates in the hard sciences, I became “a smart-ass” who kept talking nonsense.

When I transferred my field to logistics from flying in the Air Force,
To the non-flying officers, I was “a wack job” who had never done any paperwork,
To the pilots, I became just “a lackey” who cleaned up after them.

When I changed my career to the civilian life from the military,
To the citizens, I was “a zoomie” who couldn’t handle change,
To the soldiers, I became “just a civilian” who was too peaceful to know national defense.

When I immigrate myself to another country from Korea,
To the natives, I will be “a gook” who smells like kimchi,
To Koreans, I may be “a traitor” who betrays my country by leaving.